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Firma Pešek Machinery je jedním z našich nejvýznamnějších parterů v oblasti strojírenské výroby s nejvyššími nároky na kvalitu provedení a spolehlivost. Preciznost, velmi profesionální přístup a dodržování termínů dodávek je jedna z trvalých předností této firmy. Příprava, vývoj a realizace specifických produktů s inovativními prvky, je daším základním důvodem pro dlouhodobou spolupráci s firmou PešekMachinery.

Petr Hlaváč

Technical Department Manager / Adler Pelzer Group

May I thank Michal @ Pesek for the detailed and professional work carried out by his team and himself at our plant. I look forward to working with the company again on future projects.

Gary Poxon

Manufacturing Engineering Manager

I have very good experience with Pešek Machinery. When implementing especially single-purpose machines, we always find common ground on new solutions. The device we order should not only be reliable but also ‘operator-friendly’. We place great emphasis on the overall simplicity of the solution so any faults can be removed quickly by our maintenance department. In this spirit, we tried it with Pešek Machinery and we’re satisfied.

Ing. Vít Morávek


PEŠEK Machinery s.r.o. is a stable, well-established supplier, which excels in very high quality deliveries and professional approach of all their employees.

Ing. Rostislav Hanuš, MBA, LL.M.

Purchase Manager / Legios Loco a.s.

We’re highly appreciative of our long-term cooperation with PEŠEK MACHINERY. The willingness and effort to always find the solution to a problem, a friendly approach, professional processing of products and machines with high added value – these are the attributes of our cooperation that has lasted since 2012.

Ing. Pavel Ráth

Technical Services Engineer / International Automotive Components Group s.r.o

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