It’s important for us to maintain Czech engineering traditions against strong international competition. We want to be the Czech Republic’s golden fish in the open sea that fulfils all your wishes. The one that treats your contract responsibly, and takes your requirements into account and has a personal approach towards you.


We have many years’ experience in engineering and we’re not afraid to pass them on to new and younger generations. We want to spread this wide range of knowledge to contribute to building the good name of Czech engineering. Only this way can our craft survive and succeed today when quantity is sometimes preferred at the expense of quality.


Visual perfection is essential to us, because even in engineering, it’s about how the product looks. That’s why we not only pay attention to the functionality of our products, but also their ergonomics and aesthetics.

Added value

It’s essential for us to make the work of others easier through our products, with the products always having added value. We think about how to maximise it in all projects.


We’re not afraid of contracts looking complicated because we have skilled and experienced staff. We enjoy inventing and showing new ways and solutions. We like to accept challenges and move up along with our contracts.


We care about the quality of our products, our work, but also our people. We can search and also find all possible solutions and implement them. We create unique products and prototypes that seem complicated to others. After seeing the actual results of our work, we feel great joy and pride.


Satisfaction is an important measure of a job well done. Client satisfaction with a well-prepared contract according to their requirements and our satisfaction with the fact that we did our best with a clear conscience. Only satisfaction produces the best results. Therefore, the more stimulating and satisfied our environment is, the better our work will be.

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